Summer Flounce



Summer Flounce Blog is a blog written by me, Charlene Gondo, 21 years old girl from Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia.
Started blogging in 2010 and stopped for a while, then came back in August 2011 when I no longer busy with  school activities (continuing to Uni-life)

The title of this blog, Summer Flounce, is a title I've been thought in just around.. um.. 15 minutes. It's actually just coming across my mind.
And then I started to think about its meaning, if it was meaningless, I would swish it away and think about another title. But no, IT IS meaningful!
Summer itself, is a perfect weather (for me), we could just wear simple outfit such as tank top, shorts, mini skirts.. And also, it's represent my country climate, we don't have 4 seasons here, only two : sunny and rainy. I won't wear that kind of layered clothes, I'll be sweating as hell here! So I will only post Summer-Spring outfits.
Flounce, a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim, means that i'll try to wear fun and eye-catching style (i love that style), just like the flouncy skirt.
Just like that? Just like that.

I will rarely wear branded stuffs. I'm not that kind of high-social girl. I'm enjoying myself having a loud laugh without being embarrassed. But that's not mean I don't like branded stuffs. I DO! I love their quality and creative design. But sometimes the affordable one is too simple, which I don't like. I'm not Anna Dello Russo who could afford all of those things. 
I love the opposite of simple looks : creative, eye-catching, experimental, full of patterns, colours, and materials, unique, cute. But sometimes I tend to wear simple look due to the lack of fashion-store in my city.
Still experimenting with my looks. So no permanent style here.

Anna Dello Russo
Chloe Grace Moretz
Hanne Gaby Odielle
Solange Knowles
Anna Brain -
Jane Aldridge -
Chiara Ferragni -
Carolina Engman -
Olivia L. -
Leandra Medine -
Rachel and Nicole (from Indonesia!) -
and All of Street Style looks

Blogging (?) , Blog surfing, photographing and being photographed (Shini from inspired me!), dreaming of being a Fashion Intern, reading new messages on my BBM, laugh.

Another information will be added on FAQs tab, just wait for it.

And, I don't really like in that picture above. I'm wearing heavy make up there. Lower your expectation.