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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wales (Part 2)

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It was a wrong decision. But that what makes it memorable.

Our second day started off by camera (obviously), crazy rainbow coloured furry jacket to brighten up the gloomy day, and an umbrella. We reached the nearby village, where it seems only less than 100 family lives there. We wanted to hike to Snowdon but the kind old man at the tourist information looked at us astonished.
'You're gonna hike with that outfit??'
'Well.. if we can?'
'No no girls. You have to be prepared. First off, by wearing a pair of hiking shoes'
Then we laugh.
And so, we decided to go to Portmeirion instead, our first plan. The bus only came once per 1,5 hours and we just missed the bus. We took a walk around, bought some snacks at the market where there's a milk guy delivering boxes of milk with his dog waiting patiently at his owner's truck. Then we came back to the bus stop and wait.

An hour later, we were greeted by even heavier rain. We had to walk for 20 minutes from the bus stop to the entrance. Luckily enough, there was another kind guy with his truck, pulling over to us and ask if we're going to Portmeirion.
We nod excitedly.
'Hop in!'
And that was one of the time my faith in humanity restored in UK.

There was almost noone in sight (again!) at the stunning mediteranian looking village. This village is designed by a Welsh architect between 1925-1975 in tribute of Italian-looking village. In a way in our opinion, it looked like a combination between Santorini but with more colours instead of blue and white, and english castles. Oh and it's overlooking a beach!

We were still devastated with the weather, but our lovely weather app told us that it will be sunny at 4-5pm. With that little information, we wait again at a gelato parlour which surprisingly filled with people taking shelter.

At 5, we have to rushed back to the bus stop after taking thousands of pictures in that sunny one hour. But God knows, we might be cursed of taking too much pictures. We just missed the bus *again*, and this time we saw the bus drift away. The problem is, it was the last bus.
We were at the other side of the lake, and just across the lake, we could see a city with a lot of lights from the house's window.
'Let's just walk. We could see the city, it wouldn't be that far.'
That was our thought. But we were wrong.
A little storm start hitting us and we had to cover ourself with the umbrella we opened like a shield. It was kinda funny if I think about it now. But that time it took us 1 hour to walk to the city. It wasn't that bad if the weather was at least nice and warm.

The view was worth it though, that's why we took the chance. If we went with other people I'm sure they'd ended up choked both of us til death because we literally can't stop taking pictures! #sorrynotsorry

Upon arriving, we were again devastated because all of the restaurants were closed and it start to get  dark and empty. We decided to just walk randomly til we found something.

Suddenly I saw a familiar face.
That's the guy who offered us a ride in Portmeirion!
We were both surprised.
I said hi and told him we were looking for a good restaurant because we were starving as hell.
'I would love to take you somewhere but I have to rush now.'
Just as he start describing where one of the good restaurant is, another guy coming out from a kind of kodak store.
'oh hey!' he greeted the guy.
'Hey!' he glanced at us. 'You were both at Portmeirion earlier weren't you?'
We nod and secretly asked how did he know. But then again, we knew it's because of our clothes.
The guy who gave us a ride start explaining that he would take us to the restaurant but he had to rush. So the Kodak guy volunteered to took us there instead because he's heading there as well.
My faith in humanity just risen to the maximum point.
And believe me, they're not into us. They're just kind. I knew.
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