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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wales (Part 1)

[Travel Diary]

I cant believe it's been 1,5 years after my UK short courses (and mainly trip!). I won't promise this will be the last post about UK, since it hasn't left my heart, not even a bit.

Wales was my last UK destination. After my best friend and my room mate back home to Indonesia, I was miserably alone but I knew another Indonesian girl and we hung out sometimes in London. Although, I was still awkward being around her. She's chatty and loves to make other people laugh, and we share the same taste of humour! And who knows- now she's being my best friend. 
She had some free time and we planned our Wales trip, we both love love love to take pictures of ourselves, so obviously we chose the one less touristy- yet is very photogenic. 

And so we decided... A very homey country house (which I mistakenly booked but turned into a VERY lovely surprise) and a cute village called Portmeirion. 

I may bore you with this post, but honestly, I could never get over it. I will try to tell my experience in chronological order.
We arrived one rainy evening by train, we had no idea whatsoever how to go to the hotel. So we took shelter in a warm pub with dimming lights nearby the station. One hour and one wet coat later, we found a taxi which smell like a dog that hasn't took a shower for a year. We were pretty terrified of the dodgy taxi and his hidden dog, and the fact that we're even going further from the city - up to the hills. 
At the top of the (seemingly) endless dark hill, we saw a villa. But it seemed like noone was there! The taxi driver took the initiative to take a peek inside and say the lights are on. So there we were, outside a 16th century house with a red door and a square window overlooking an empty hallway. 
We entered the tiny lobby with wooden desk. Noone was there. I rang the tiny bell on the desk. Still noone. We were getting chills despite the coat. I walked to the lounge and dining room and when I'm back, a guy - 25 year old ish  - running out of breath - greeted us and knew my name immediately from the booking I made.
The stairs creaked when we went upstairs to our room. We still got chills. We were seriously thinking to change the hotel because we were totally creeped out by everything, first it looks like noone was there (so far only the guy!), second the hotel looked very old, third we were sure we're at the top of the hill surrounded by other higher hills and civilisation is who knows how many kilometers away. 
I looked out the window and watched the rain dripped from tree's leaves. 

It was still raining the morning after. I opened the window after taking a good bath and heard some goats baa-ing. I took a good look and found some mountain goats! Excited to start the day.

We were a bit hesitant to walk to the nearest city since it seems kinda steep. But once we see the view, we took like hundreds of photos along the way! I read a Wales mythology book before arriving and all of it seems real with the magical view.
Another farmer house nearby..
..overlooking the river and the mountain!
sygunx be continued

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