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Friday, February 6, 2015

Cotswolds (Part 2)

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I do realize that my posts recently (and probably upcoming posts) are not so fashion related, but more travel-related. I always been into traveling, besides fashion obviously, and I do not have the heart to abandon these beautiful pictures I took. 
And if anyone wants to do a trip to the UK, don't be shy to ask me for suggestions. I've done my research, and I hope I can help you with your decisions (just email me -

My second day in Cotswolds began in Chipping Camden. The weather were horrid: rain's dripping, streets are muddy. But that didn't stop us. First destination is St. James Church.
As you now realize, yes, churches here are mostly have their own graveyard. This is a surprise for me, because I find nothing like this in Indonesia, and I do really find them beautiful (And creepy at the same time). 
St. James Church is a typical English country church, located near the incredibly peaceful neighbourhood. I even took a walk around the neighbourhood to just simply find a tranquility. 

And afterwards, we walked to the heart of Chipping Camden, where we found Huxley's, a small yet cosy coffee corner with, again, old buildings. We picked the seat that placed right in front of the fireplace, which like a heaven for us because we're so wet and cold.

Next is Snowshill Manor. I do not have much words to explain how marvelous and magnifique this place is. We came so late, and they usually doesn't allow people who came after 4-5 PM. But the lady on the front desk was so kind seeing we've came all the way from Indonesia and just sneak us in. 
We have to walked thru the farm and path before we finally found the green entrance that will led us to the 15th century manor, which packed with extraordinary treasures collected over a life time by Charles Wade.
Later, in my trip to Cornwall(southern England), I find a very interesting fact from this manor : that this manor actually have a secret Witchcraft room, contains Charles Wade's collection of Witchcraft things. 
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