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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cotswolds (Part 1)

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The first time I discovered Cotswolds is when I'm scrolling through Doina Ciobanu's blog - The pictures are very beautiful and I couldn't help but thinking 'I should go there one day'. And so I go, my first trip outside London.

There were 4 of us: me, my roommate (slash best friend), her cousin, and her cousin's fiancĂ©. It felt like going with a big brother and sister. Which is nice, because I rarely travel with people who's older than me - I feel spoiled! We rented a car in the morning, then head to Cotswolds relying on google maps. 

There're many villages in Cotswolds. Bourton-on-the-Water, Chipping Camden, Snowshill, Combe, Bibury, and Cheltenham to name some. All of them are undoubtedly beautiful, since most of the houses and places there are build in middle ages. And you know, I freaking love historical sites. But we have no time to visit more than 20 villages in Cotswolds, so we only chose some. 

Day 1
First thing first, we checked in at our modern apartment that we rented for 2 nights in Cheltenham, it's affordable than middle ages hotels in other area. Cheltenham is quite far from the beautiful villages, but we have the car, so that wouldn't be a problem. 
Bought some food around the area and took a stroll, and after an hour of research on google (thank God for google!), my friend found a stunning picture of Painswick, one of them Cotswolds' village. Based on that 1 picture, we put our faith that Painswick will be beautiful as we imagined.

We arrived at Rococo Garden in Painswick which at that time already closed - as they said on the board. But noone was there, and the gate opened. We were so disappointed but promise ourselves to not gonna touch anything and wouldn't go too far. That was how our car slide in to the parking area. 
To the owner - we're sorry we broke in! We didn't touch anything -including plants, and we didn't even went to the toilet although we really needed it.

Top & Jeans - Forever21 (friend's own)
Coats - Primark (friend's own)
Cap - unbranded
Bag - Givenchy

We headed to St Mary's Church afterwards. It's almost 6pm, noone was there (again), the only thing we heard was just crows croaking and clocks tolling. 
We would walked on the path that sides are planted with huge trees and get lost. Despite the nuance that gave me chills, I muster up courage to go even further behind the church. Turns out it was even quieter and scarier, and I ran back instead. Outside the church area (including the graveyard), the road was beautiful too. Only 1 car would fit in that road, we could hear some people murmured and giggled in the inn. It was too beautiful to be described. 
cwolds12 copy

And that's how we ended our first day in Cotswolds.


  1. minjem topinya hoii! hoii jangan post ukeeh mulukkk udah di surabaya buuuu

  2. i love this pictures
    lots of fun i guess
    check out my new post
    thank you

  3. How a beautiful place ,<3


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