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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Life Changes

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So I've been reviewing all of my pictures during my trip in the UK. And well, some people may wonder what was I doing there, and with who, and even - 'why?' 
This post will mainly gonna answer all of that question, and also as a beginning to tell you my first journey to live alone in a place that I barely know anybody. Enjoy! 
- I might as well have to inform you at the first place that this post contains mostly scenery and touristy places.

bigben 2
First thing first : Big Ben. The most iconic building. Come on now, who doesn't think about Big Ben when they think of London? Funny thing is, Big Ben is the last touristy place I visit during my almost half a year trip there. Why you ask? There's no particular reason, I always think that Big Ben was too crowded. And luckily, my dear friend Annissa knows a good spot to take outfit photos with Big Ben as the background. 

Metallic Jacket and funny Glasses- Primark
Cap - Monki
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

- Photos will be chronological from here -

The first place I visit after a day long sleep after I arrived is Buckingham Palace. It was Summer, the sun shines and I didn't really feel any weather changes, except London is a little bit windy. I lived with my best friend since I was 13, Rafaela Deandra (you might heard of her, the owner of Stupkid). So yeah ,we were going with her brother, which at that time visiting her, being very tourists by going around the building for almost an hour, didn't have any idea where was the entrance to the museum is. 
The locket keeper was the first british guy I talked with since I arrived. And also the first person that showed me that british people are nice. And as well as the other people working inside, they smiled a lot. I was almost didn't feel like I was 12k kms away from home. 
Bad thing is, turns out, the museum was only showing us palace's carriage from time to time. And horses. Yes, horses and ponies. 

Still remember the popular magnum cafe ? They opened the cafe in Selfridges, and had these huge fake balloons floating above Regent Street, near Oxford Street.

Finally, the most frequently asked question! What did I do there.. is actually taking summer courses in Central Saint Martins, the college where McQueen and all other big designers graduated. I couldn't be more proud of myself. 
The girl in the picture, is the first caucasian girl I can befriend with. I was indeed so nervous at my first day at school, because I've never been to outside Asia. I gotta be honest with you, it was my first time having a lot of caucasians in my class. I was afraid, because my english was actually rusty. At that time I couldn't speak fluently, I had to think first before talking about something. And I was afraid because of the culture difference, my words might hurt them or they wouldn't get what I meant. 
BUT, this girl from Brazil was very cool and nice. She approached me and 2 Greek girls, which in my group, asking my facebook. And Brazilians actually just as laidback as Indonesians, that's why I can get along with her easily. 
Luckily for me, other classmates in the same age range are so friendly and open. How I miss them now! 
-And she also have a great taste in fashion too. you can find her on instagram : @gutakratz

The sun sets around 8-9PM in the summer, which is quite a big shock for me, a village girl. Needed I say more, from top : the famous Harrods (eventhough I'd prefer Selfridges any time), Piccadily Circus, Tower Bridge and Gherkin in the middle. 
Went to the Tower Bridge with Guta and her british boyfriend. Both of them are very very nice, I didn't feel like I'm third-wheeling at all. Had Italian for dinner and wine with this view. 

Lastly for this part, St Paul and around at night. 
My friend from Germany came to visit me and Dea. He's a true traveller, he inspires me to become like this : to always taking risks, to always say yes, to always learn anything new, to find joy even in every unfortunate moments. Thank you so much - if you're reading this. Gonna talk about him more later on my next post. 
That night, I really wanted to visit St Paul, but it was closed. So the three of us walked around and suddenly arrived at the millenium bridge, where we could see the scenery as the 1st picture. We walked even further and we found ourselves already at the opposite of St Paul's Cathedral. It was a chilly night, not many people was around because it was a weekday and almost 12am. I still remember the moment we ran, passing through the tiny alleys, found a huge ship on the river thames, a man playing his violin in the vault and I'd be too shy to give him any money, so I gave it to my friend instead to gave it to him. And finally, we were able to catch the last tube to home.

Phew, such a long post! Posts after this will be revealing not only my outfits and beautiful pictures, but also how my journey changes me and my view point of life. 


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