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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Youth in Revolt

[Style Diary]

I keep thinking a lot lately. Is 19 already considered as a woman that needs to get married soon? Because everyone around me is like worrying about their single statuses. I never thought that it is a big deal since I still want to have fun , don't you think? But I couldn't help but worry too. Do I need to start dressed like a lady? Do I need to learn how to cook? 
As I ask a bunch of questions to myself, all I can answer is 'No'. So yes, just gonna go with the flow. I'm still young. Do you agree? 


Got the chance to photograph and being photographed by one of my favourite blogger-friends (beside Maria Widjaja) - Christian Belvin. His apartment's tennis court is soo big and fun! Sure gonna come back to do another outfit photoshoot.

Top & Shorts - New Look
Jacket - unbranded
Cap - Kenzo
Bracelets - Hermes & Alexander McQueen
Sunnies - Rayban
Bag - Dior
Shoes - Editor's Market


  1. Awsum outer!! And also those hat make you looks more swag \m/ ;P

  2. outernya keyeeeennn <3

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  3. I agree, live life to its fullest! Love love love your kenzo cap <3

  4. yup, there's a phrase, just do it what u want to do (with responsibility i think, hehe) still you're young ;)
    btw, i love the total look, especially the Kenzo cap

  5. I really agree with you. Yeah, sometimes it's annoying to have a lot of older people asking and/or forcing you stuffs like that. I mean, c'mon people, this is 21st century!

    Anw, love aviator sunnies! :)

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  6. the oversized jacket looks cool

  7. Omg this look is love. Nice jacket and cap! I shall agree with you too! I want to work first before getting married lol. xx

  8. cool post! I love the jacket and cap :)

  9. yourr cap ce !! i need the green one!!
    editorial photo soon!!

  10. I love the whole cap, oversized jacket, and accessories going on, youth is really a lovely life phase
    Afraid Of The Lights on

  11. super gorgeous!
    all into perfection :D

  12. love your post. I fell in love with your style. do you want follow each other?
    let me know .... thanks

  13. you look so damn pretty! love your swag look esp your kenzo hat xx

  14. hahaha i know what it feels like..and i feel that i'm still young too :D
    many friends of mine already married and some of them have baby!! gosh..
    anyway kamu keren abiss lenee :*
    adore your oversized denim jackett!!! <3 also the sunnies!

  15. Cool post & awesome outfit! <3

  16. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing Bridal saree

  17. Cool streetwear! I love how you make it look classy and sassy! I'm pegging you as one of my style icons.

    From, your newest fan.

  18. Cool streetwear! I love how you make it look classy and sassy. I'm pegging you as one of my style icons!

    your newest fan

    P.S. I agree that you are young. And believe me, I know it's tempting to go with the flow. From what I've browsed through in your blog, you are a trendsetter! If anyone should be following a "flow ", it should be YOURS! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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