Summer Flounce

Sunday, April 28, 2013


[Style Diary]

Do you ever wanna look "more" without being too much? Seriously, do you? Cus I got that feeling all the time. There's only few basics items in my wardrobe, the choice I have to make is to rocking my not-basic items into an outfit that wouldn't catch everyone's attention in public. 
The idea of this outfit is church inspired : (if you can notice) the Baroque print on my cap, angel and heart shaped earring, and of course , the Cross prints all over my body. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


[Style Diary]


Woop, I hope you're not tired hearing me say "It's always summer in my city!" , some say it's nice, but some say it sucks. Whatever. 
It's still Spring in another part of the world, but heyyy I know you guys can't wait for summer can you? So this is a hint of Summer look, well, a Daily look for me. 

P.S. : ignore my leg length

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mod Swings

[Style Diary]

Feels so good to be back! I was taking a visit to my parents' in Jakarta last week and just've reached home yesterday. And sooo, because I've been abandoned you guys for not posting anything for 2 weeks (or more??), I'm back with this! - another editorial photoshoot.

The concept came up when I browse for some editorial photoshoots from websites and magazines, and they're all like having the same theme : STRIPES and mod and monochrome. So I thought that this monochromatic stripes trend are really happening. I asked Belvin and Maria to do another editorial photoshoot with Sharon Angelia again, and we were making a BBM group, making moodboards, going to a craft and fabric store, buying and matching outfits. It was all about fun, I never thought it'll turn out this good!