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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things We Love !



It was an usual Friday evening when suddenly Maria from Bourbon Ribbon texted me if I come to the Kate Spade event tomorrow or not, and I was very surprised because I didn't know a thing before. But the event was on Saturday afternoon, which I always have nothing to do in that time, so I managed to come. YAY.

The event was being held to celebrate the Grand Opening of the first Kate Spade store in Surabaya, Indonesia, also for celebrating the 20th anniversary of Kate Spade, a brand that we love (so eventually we celebrate 20 Years of Things We Love, got it?) .

spotting Dien Tirto Buwono, Editor in Chief of FIMELA, matched polkadot shirts and heels!
...And finally my style.

It was really a pleasure to be gathered again with all of the invited Surabaya bloggers, I've missed them so much! Without them, I could never be like this, my style will never make a progress, and I would never got invited to anywhere. Thank you blogger fellas ! (some of us - including me, were a little bit nervous because almost all the guests wear high fashion brands - most of all are hermes , and we're just 'We want that shit, but our mom will slap us').

You can find more photos on Maria Widjaja's blog - Bourbon Ribbon , or Belvin's - Little Fashionosto

Top - Versus
Skirt - Topshop
Ipad case - MBMJ
Bracelet - Bottega  Veneta
Bag - Dior
Bag Companion - custom made @cubicbling


  1. the ipad cover, how cute is that!!!! you have just made the dior much more awesome by putting on that cute keychain <3 <3

    x Farah

  2. everything is so so pretty! :)


  3. Great photos, must be a great event! Just by looking at the colors makes me happy :D Love your outfit as well! x

  4. lol at "we want that shit"
    anw lovin your skirt so muchhhhh and definitely the color of your dior! I also want that sh*t!!!hahahah<3

  5. beautiful blog!
    maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)

  6. Aw you seem had so much fun there, meeting with fellow blogger, i rili want to.
    Ahh i'm your new follower by the way: D wanna do the same?

    if you dont mind, please visit my blog, I'm holding a cambridge satchel giveaway (indonesia only)
    just simply click here to JOIN

    Thank you,

  7. you took amazing shots and wore a gorgeous outfit at the event! <33

    by the way, I live in Tegal, Central Java but since my brother is studying in Jakarta, I often go there and hang out with other bloggers hehehehe. Where do you live? We should meet up some time ;)


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