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Sunday, March 17, 2013

School Days

[Style Diary]


The good thing you're in a Fashion School is that you wouldn't be criticize about what you wear, unless you're unfashionable. And the bad thing is , if your school is in a office building, and you can't wear something TOO fashionable, because they will all give you the weird stare.
But then, I'm in a fashion school, and this time I wouldn't mind if they give me a weird stare, just because they don't know fashion. I mean, only educational people have an open mind, am I right or am I RIGHT ?


The point I'm telling you this, is because I received so many critics about my look. 'Why don't you wear something normal?' , 'I'm sure you'll get a boyfriend if you start wearing something normal.' , 'Aren't you afraid people will laugh at you?' , blah blah blah. 
And not at once I'm hesitating myself. I have my own taste in fashion, I read fashion magazines and blogs, while they're not reading a thing. And soon enough, they're no longer say a thing about me, even sometimes they asked me advice about what should they buy and wear. 
I haven't reach my dream yet, my blog haven't popular enough. But I can tell you that you don't have to be hesitate about your dream. Just be you, every people have their own taste and personality. You don't have to  always listen about what they said if you know the right thing. 

You don't have to be afraid of wearing, being unique.

Top  - MMM for H&M 
Short - Random
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Bag & Hat - Topshop
Bag Keychain - Mulberry
Batman Necklace - Gift from a friend
Bracelets - Balenciaga and McQueen


  1. Dont listen to those critics, tell them a lot of people from all over the world LOVE your fashion sense!! <3 <3 you are really, really fashionable and it's true, fashion is about expressing yourself :)) I really love everything that you wear, especially the Margiela x H&M top. Job well doneeee <3

    Farah ♥

  2. totally agreee!! sometimes though people who had a high education but they mind don't opened, they would laugh or even deliver clinical statement to our looks.. keep styling :3

  3. awww love your sweaterr cee!!

  4. ahhh yesss super trueee !
    Love your quotes !

  5. Your soo right
    I love that top your wearing
    Whats do you do at Fashion School (I just realized that sounds soo stupid)

  6. love the top! you look pretty as always xx

  7. i'm agree with you, educated person tends to accept/appreciate diversity & uniqueness more

    "I'm sure you'll get a boyfriend if you start wearing something normal." --> omg kinda mean actually :(
    a good boyfriend should accept the way you are, not just being "normal"

    love your MMM top, very unique!
    awesome doc.mart too!


  8. dan style hanya masalah selera, kalo kita suka kenakan saja, nggak peduli deh anggapan orang, toh yang make kita, yang beli juga kita


    setuju dengan kata-kata kamu yang ini:

    Just be you, every people have their own taste and personality

    walaupun saya sendiri bukan fashion blogger tapi melihat blog-blog fashion rasanya menyenangkan dan orang2 di baliknya benar-benar kreati untuk menampilkan sesuatu yang berdasarkan 'rasa' yang dia punya.

    terima kasih sudah berbagi

    salam kenal dari Pontianak, Hani - Random Blogger

  9. I absolutely agree with every single statement here, I mean, people will always judge you for being different, and being like everyone else is just shit, right?. Don't take the critics and everybody else, they're just there to give their mindless piece of mind, and there are loads of people girl fanning over your style-remember, different people make changes, and they lead generations fashionably-and everybody else will just die in a boring grave one day without any memorable essence of giving a piece of their mind.

    on what you wore, I absolutely love the top-since it looks very tattoo-like, I absolutely love how you make it school girly and high fashion in the same time, the shorts are very cute too!!

    check out my latest post-"Sneak Peek: All The Way To The Halcyon Days" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

  10. nice top.. look cute as always <3

  11. great look :)

  12. really??those people are exist??
    i mean, i really love to read your blog, how can you receive those critics??i can't understand..hahahahahaha
    your style is gorgeous, always.. :)
    just don't listen to the people who criticize you :)

    waiting for your next post!<3

  13. You're right, and I'm agree with you. I like the statement. We don't have to be afraid of what people look on us, just be us. Fashion is art, not just some randomness.

    And, I really love your style and blog, that's why I feature you on my Top 5 Indonesian Fashion Blogger.


  14. beautiful photos!

  15. Wowww.. Kerennn... Fashion blogger indo ga kalah okee nya dehhh


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