Summer Flounce

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Animalier Chandelier

[Style Diary]

    It's already the end of November and I'm just posting 3 posts. I'm a bad blogger and I should feel bad. My photoshoot x vacation keep continuing, I went to another city every week to take an outfit post. It was tiring indeed, but fun too.
    It was cooler there, so heyyy, I can keep up with you, my readers with 4 seasons city. No more summer outfit! It's a sweater this time finally. Combined my fake calf hair leopard heels with my Givenchy antigona crocodile to make this outfit looks warmer. Completed the whole look with a chandelier necklace from my best friend.

And by the way, my interview with Le Belle's Block came out today!! Make sure you check out HERE!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Secret Zoo

[Photo Diary]
[Style Diary]

I realized that my city has become soooo sensitive with photography thingy. For example, I have to pay several amount of money just to take a picture in a cafe, or have to mind several letters of permission, this and that. I'm tired of every "I'm sorry but you're not allowed to take picture in our cafe, you have to pay blah-blah-blah amount of money". Duh. 
This time, I got a completion, perhaps not in my city? And my brain is saying to myself "Yeah sure, take some hours to go to another city, why not? The view is better too." So here I am, taking pictures in a zoo called 'Secret Zoo' , far away from my city. They decorated the zoo like an amusement park, complete with cute cafes, everything looked soooo good in here, even the animals look happy too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Forestry Scientist

[Style Diary] 

"Forestry Scientist ? What the heck is that? Is it even a job?" - that's probably what first came up in your mind when you read the title. And the answer is yes. It is researching forest growth, wood processing, conservation, etc.
I'm not really planned to titled this outfit as 'Forestry Scientist', but when I reviewed on my laptop, I think this title is suitable, don't you think? No? Oh well, let's just skip this topic. Took this photo with my best friend few meters from my house, I even sometimes paid or go to a very far place to take a good photoshoots before I knew that there was a lovely tiny garden near my house.