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Monday, October 8, 2012

S/S 2013 Runway Recap [Part I]

Now that Fashion Week is over I can do the complete recap, but not all of it, I choose some. I know it's late but hey, better late than never. Just don't close this post yet! It'll be interesting and short.
Now scroll down.. I arrange it alphabetical : starts with B.

Better you start sit-uping from now, because next season everyone will wear this Bare Midriff trend. Don't you just love the silhouette of the outfits?
... Gold hardware is not over yet!

Pierre Balmain never fail making its own texture and mixing it good. If last season they used baroque, this season is the time for diamond print. Colours? Good. Texture? Awesome. Design? THE BEST!

Bottega Veneta
bottega veneta
Sophisticated nomore! Say bye bye to sophisticated look this Spring when you used to say hello to it last season with Bottega Veneta. Hello younger and funner look!

Burberry Prorsum
Whee.. Coloured Metallics, future life as we've seen on TV are waiting. And look at those bags, better watch out Furla.

We're ready to play on the playground this Summer with Chanel. I've been keeping my eyes on that lego bag (the one on the right) myself. TDF!
Everyone on instagram and on twitter can't stop talking about this bag. Is it good or is it bad? Depends.. But this bag is really an attention whore.

Christian Dior
Dior never loose its feminine look, even with all the coloured metallic fabrics.

Dolce and Gabbana
dolce gabanaFounded in Sicily, Italia, Dolce and Gabbana never once leave its distinctive Miss Sicily look. Always coming up with attractive colours. Just perfect.

Play time is not only presented by Chanel, Fendi did it also! Come on, what is more fun than a pop sunnies and a cube bag? Need more glamour look? No problem. They got it.

'Stay calm' said Ricardo Tisci. Play safe with the colours, but ha! the metal accent never gone. Asymmetric sleeves also shown up, well, not bad.

Its characteristic : Exotic Lady always wow-ed anyone. Phyton.. Beehive (?) web.. It's just so Gucci! 

Need I say a word? Seriously, Need I??? I'm soooo speechless! It is so great, yeah, this jungle party look. Animal prints didn't always need to be paired with neutral colours right? Oh, I'm also craving for its popular cap, you know where I can find it?

Glam. Lady. Neat. Sleek. What else? Asymmetrical sleeves shown again, which one did it better? Givenchy or Lanvin?

Louis Vuitton
Thinking of huge Damier, this is time! Going 60s, Marc paired his model two by two. Bad news is : not everyone loved the bag. But the Good news is : everyone loved the hairband!

So that's it for the part I, hope you loved it. Cus this post is really takes me a year. Kidding, several hours, but feels like a year. 


  1. I like this kind of post! And your blog is awesome!!
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  2. Balenciaga and Givenchy always amazed me :)


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