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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CirQue du Freak

[Style Diary]

I'm not creative, I know. But who doesn't love the film 'Cirque du Freak' anyway? As I promised you, exclusively for this Halloween, me and 2 other bloggers were having a photoshoot. It's Maria ( and Belvin (, you guys! We came up with 2 different outfits.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sneak Peek

of Next Post : CIRQUE DU FREAK
It was just yesterday when I and 2 other bloggers took a photoshoot with a talented photographer, Christian Belvin's friend - Sharon Angelia. We are having a themed photoshoot, inspired from Circus stuffs and remember it's just a few days before haloween, we decided to make it 'Dark'. 
I'm really hoping you'll love it. Since we are having a hard time facing the sun and bitten by mosquitoes while taking this photoshoot. See you on the next post!

Monday, October 22, 2012

(X)SML !

[Style Diary]
I'm feeling like really wanted to stab my wifi transmitter. No, not really, just joking. But my wi-fi can't work since days ago, that's why I can't update anything though I have a lot to post. I even post this during the class.
So guys, this time I was invited to Amica Fashion Festival - (X)SML fashion show. FYI, (X)SML is one of my favorite local brand. For the F/W 2012, they use neutral and pale colors. But to make it less boring, the designs have awesome cuts.
It is the outfit I wore for the fashion show, more information? Scroll Down!
Oh, the guy at my back is Christian Belvin, he had his birthday last week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE FASHIONISTO! Everyone go to his blog here and say Happy Birthday to him!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rare Brunch

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Thank God for the fewer subject in school this term, so I can keep up with this blog. 2 of my best friends are coming back from Singapore this holiday. Since I'm oftenly go out when the sun is set, I think taking brunch will be a good idea for us (I should've been contacting with sun more often).
Wearing a dress from my sponsor : Mont Affair , the maroon colour is just perfect for this outfit I themed 'Berry Hues'. I didn't wear much accessories, the weather in my city is SUPER HOT right now, I have to always wearing something thin and simple to avoid sweaty look. ew.  And this dress is just filling my need.

Monday, October 8, 2012

S/S 2013 Runway Recap [Part I]

Now that Fashion Week is over I can do the complete recap, but not all of it, I choose some. I know it's late but hey, better late than never. Just don't close this post yet! It'll be interesting and short.
Now scroll down.. I arrange it alphabetical : starts with B.

Better you start sit-uping from now, because next season everyone will wear this Bare Midriff trend. Don't you just love the silhouette of the outfits?
... Gold hardware is not over yet!

Pierre Balmain never fail making its own texture and mixing it good. If last season they used baroque, this season is the time for diamond print. Colours? Good. Texture? Awesome. Design? THE BEST!

Monday, October 1, 2012

London Calling

[Style Diary]

No, guys. Nope, I'm not at London. I took this photos at the new 'it' cafe in my city : Stilrod it is. It's decorated just like London, completed with its distinctive red payphone. And they're giving us, bloggers, free pass for photoshoots! So nice.
Me, Christian Belvin, and Maria Widjaja from Bourbon Ribbon took this advantages to taking several outfit photos. Wearing leather jacket and docmart, I think this outfit suits the place : rainy London.