Summer Flounce

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dazed by the Dazzled

I always dreamt about having an editorial photoshoot like in the high fashion magazine. And then I found this clutch from Zara, and it was inspiring me to have this photoshoot theme : Bejewelled, Dazzled, anything. This series of photos are still photographed by VDS photography.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mermaid's Jade

[Style Diary]
Ta-dum! Another outfit post.. *boo..*
I am so sorry guys for not posting anything else but Outfit Post. I've been so busy lately with, you know, college stuffs. I'm still adapting with my new time management, so please forgive me for not posting trends, editorials, or somekind of that, will you?

Sooo, this time I try to wear something different, like you can see, a more sophisticated style. I've been forgetting this white trousers of mine. And just found it back, in my wardrobe, at the bottom of piles of new pants.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Dress and a Pair of Shoes

[Style Diary]

I was having another studio photoshoot and the photographer said that I can bring 2 outfits. Well I'm screwed up since I have nothing to wear. I was only planned to bring 1 outfit. I dredged up my wardrobe and found this cute little red dress that I bought years ago. And it was still magically fit to my body.
I don't wanna look too much by wearing so much accessories like I always did. So then I just combined this with a pair of a cap toe heels.

Photo credits to : VDS Photography , a well known and talented girl photographer in my city. Click the link and make your reservation.

Dress - Topshop
Heels - Zara

Sunday, July 15, 2012

United Colours

[Style Diary]


You know I'll never get bored with colours. I started being in love with colours since I realized that my wardrobe is full of black and white. Then I thought that I shouldn't buy black or white outfit so often again. It's almost a year.. And now here I am combining a lot of colours.
And if you look closer, you'll find I'm also combining a lot of textures. Pearl necklace, Knit, Snakeskin..
I don't know what life's gonna bring me, but I hope this new life with new university is as colourful and fun as this outfit.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tropical City

[Style Diary]
[Photo Diary]

Before reading this post, I beg you to scroll down to the previous post. I wear this outfit for that event held 2 days ago. The dresscode is written 'Tropical', so I put much forest-related prints on this outfit. I was actually wanted to wear a printed pants, but then remembered that I have to wear a Havaianas flip-flop to the event. So I thought short denim will work.
I could still be able to doubled my tops and not looking too casual because of this organza top from Mont Affair Singapore (thank God!). The Louis Vuitton inspired collar is catching attention. Also the embroidered flower prints on its transparent material. Just perfect for everyday wear in a Tropical City like mine.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Olá pessoas!! I'm bringing good news to you again. There is a-no-ther party ! This time the party is tropical-themed, since one of the host is Havaianas! Yep, the best yet famous rubber sandals in the world. Everyone's already know that this famous sandal is being worn by celebrities AND fashionistas. Flip flop was taken to a higher level , you can go to beach in style !

Don't be amazed yet. Havaianas will open their store in Indonesia. And the party will be held on 7th July on Ore Premium Store at Jl. Untung Suropati , Surabaya. 

Grab your invitation now by following @orepremiumstore and @havaianasID on twitter ladies!
See you there , xx