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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Festivals: Fashion Survival Guide


The sun is shining, the parks are full, floral dresses are back and cheeky denim shorts are out in force.

It’s a familiar feeling that can only mean one thing – spring has sprung, summer is on its way and with it comes a fantastic line-up of festival frivolities.

For many hard-core music fans, festivals are a great time to catch up on the latest trends, from chart-toppers to punk, hip-hop and death metal.

For the rest of us, festivals are as much about a laid-back lifestyle combining great friends, drinks and sunshine, as they are about the tunes. An integral part of any festival is the unique fashion trends on show each year.

The Summer Festival Survival Guide gives you the low-down on this season’s fashion and camping must-haves, whether you’re a seasoned Glastonbury-goer or getting ready to cut your festival-going teeth.


For all the talk about summer sun, the reality is always that some festival, somewhere, will get rained-out.

Festival shoes need to be sturdy enough to stand up to plenty of walking, dancing and mud. A comfortable footwear choice that will suit any festival outfit is a pair of Converse trainers or wellies.

Championed by rock-stars like The Ramones and The Strokes, Converse shoes are the perfect footwear for any festival line-up.


There are plenty of new festival trends to watch out for each for each year, but every wardrobe needs a few timeless items that never go out of style.

To match your Converse trainers, ultra-shorts (cute in denim), are best paired with floral tops or bright, bold colours.

Borrow your dad’s anorak to stay dry no matter what the forecast, pack a hoodie or channel the 70s in a kaftan – perfect for when the nights get cool.

Remember festivals are all about fun, so keep an eye out for fancy dress items to make sure you always stand out in the crowd.


These might seem like no-brainers, but forget one of these items and your weekend can turn into a bit of a nightmare.

Most are usually available at the on-site festival shops but be prepared to fork out generously for them.

·         Extra loo roll: because the port-a-loos always run out
·         Hand sanitizer: not just for clean freaks – by day three you will be glad you chucked it in
·         Plastic bags: keep your possessions dry no matter what the conditions
·         Face-wipes: because last night’s makeup, face-paint or drawn-on moustache never looks quite so good the next morning

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  1. there is no Java Rockin' Land festival this year's summer tho ): yess, converse sneakers and shorts are classically perfect for summer. do u happen to love listening to The Ramones & The Strokes? :O

  2. love this simple, and casual outfit!
    thanks for sharing <3 xx

  3. cool picture :D and thanks for sharing.
    yaaa agree! converse is the best!

    followed you, anyway ♥
    xoxo, ruby and rosa


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