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Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Interview: Indonesian Fashion Blogger Sister - Rachel and Nicole

Introducing you to a Fashion Blogger from my beloved country, IndonesiaRachel et Nicole from ! Yes, they're 2 person. I've been spying their blog since last year. They got a REALLY really awesome, gorgeous, nice style! I didn't even believe in my eye when I read their Bio and they said they're from Indonesia.

Maybe some of you haven't been heard of them, so I take this opportunity to get you to know them. This is not an advertising, really. I'm a huge fan of them, I really want to introduce you to this really awesome Blogger(s). Their looks are 99% outstanding. I got a chance to interview them, and yesterday, they finally replied my interview-mail. Yes yes, it is HOT from the oven. They even have many tips for us to be different and o-u-t-s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g.


I have their interview video for you, incase if you're too lazy to read it. You can taking a glimpse of their style below while buffering, scroll scroll scroll !

1. Hello Rachel or Nicole over there, or both of you! Please tell me your bio! 
We live in New York City and currently go to NYU. We're sisters and we're basically joined at the hip 24/7.


2. How long have you been blogging?
We've been blogging for a little over a year now. We started in November 2010.

3. Why didn't you two have a separated blog?
We grew up doing a lot of things together and so it was very natural choice for us to run this blog together. Besides, two heads are better than one.

4. How did you both have the same fashion taste? Or is it actually different?
We have very different styles, something that can be quite obvious if you track our individual blog posts. Rachel tends to be more girly, with a cheeky appeal. She loves pink, anything lacey or with flowers. Nicole prefers bolder looks with an edge: spiked headbands, statement rings and studded bowties are her thing.

5. How could you be in love with fashion and started having a fashion blog? 
When we first started blogging, it wasn't with the pure intention of having a fashion blog and being involved in the fashion industry. We started uploading outfit posts because our mom, who is the major fashionista in our family, insists on seeing what we wear everyday. So instead of having to do a video call with her everyday before we head out, we decided that having a blog would be more efficient. Fortunately for us, the blog started gaining more readers and became the fashion blog it is today.

6. How did you manage your time, in taking awesome photos, and studying? 
We have to admit, it's been quite a stretch for us. Our lives are 70% school and 60% fashion blog. Nope, it's not a miscalculation, we ARE overtaxing ourselves. But at the end of the day, we love what we do. And when you have so much passion for something, you truly enjoy the entire process and it doesn't seem as hard anymore.

7. Who inspire you?
First and foremost, our mother. She's been the natural fashion pioneer in our family. As a bespoke designer back in her days, her fashion instincts have long rubbed off on us, making us have a heightened sense  of awareness for fashion. Then there are visual and artistic pioneers in the fashion industry. Grace Coddington for one, and Tim Walker. We love how they are able to bring out the vision behind a simple piece of fabric and create an entirely different realm of dreams and stunning visuals.

8. What is your favourite items u've been bought? 
It's so hard to pick just one item as every piece that we buy, we absolutely love. But if we each had to pick one, Nicole would say her extensive collection of statement rings from vintage stores in SoHo and Rachel's pink Zara jacket from the SS2012 Collection.

9. It seems like you have sooo many rare and unique outfits. Please mention us name of your favourite unique shops !
Some of the best pieces we own are actually hand-me-downs from our mom!

10. Can you please give us some tips of choosing good stuffs in store, so it won't ended up given to charity or something? 
Always choose items that look flattering on you. Remember that not all trends work on you.

11. You're so total when capturing your outfits! Are they planned or are they just your daily outfits? 
We hardly plan on what we want to wear for the day. We tend to follow our mood and pick the pieces that attracts us.

12. How did you manage to choose and mix clothes and accessories and shoes and bag, so your outfit's just like an editorial in high fashion magazine?
For conceptual shoots, we actually sit down and choose these items (sometimes even make them) to fit the general idea for the shoot. For example, the Miami Heat editorial was all preplanned and we sketched and wrote down all the clothes, shoes and accessories we would need for the shoot.

13. What is your dream actually? Fashion intern?
We want to be able to create something that incorporates both fashion and art. We're not sure what it is yet, but we've been throwing ideas around, so stay tuned to find out!

14. Why didn't you put your outfit looks in lookbook or somekind of that? I believe you'll get to the first page everyday.
When we first started out, we did use lookbook for a while. However, after a while, we found it troublesome to upload our outfits onto our blog AND lookbook. That being said, we're on Pose! So you can find us there.

15. You are invited to so many interesting parties and events, how could they found and invited you? 
(We honestly don't know! But we're grateful they did.)

16. Any tips for fashion bloggers to improve their fashion skill, so they'll look more original and different?  
Always stay true to your own style. Don't be easily swayed by fashion trends. There's no point coming up with replicated content. A unique voice is the key.



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