Summer Flounce

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jewelled Royal Blue


I found my self strucked with Jewelled stuffs recently. Found that bag (on the background) on Zara last week, and I'm literally about to jump! (the rack is too high for me). My friend then convinced me that the bag is so nice and expensive looky. So I didn't took second thought on buying this bag.
The necklace? Bought it from H&M last holiday.
The shoes? A gift from my boyfriend.

I love the color as well. Royal Blue. Reminds me of the 'ear' 's color of Celine Trapeze 3 tone. Blue and Suede, wouldn't be able to say No.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those are beautiful <3

  2. love everything there, they are in a high way to put on

  3. you're beautiful! :))

    you have a new follower! :) hope you'll follow me back on bloglovin and Google :)

    xoxo, Alee


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