Summer Flounce

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This photo was taken at the same day as I took photos for this blog layout. Wearing monotone coloured outfit and matched it with double coloured mini bag + electric colour heels. I always wanted to wear this kind of experiment for a long time! 

Magnum National Promo: Shopping Trip!

Seriously. I need more shopping. From the time I get my very first branded stuff, I just couldn't get enough. I used to think that I only need a few of their (branded designer) stuffs, but I ended up buying more and more. 

My favourite brand that keeps me buying for more are YSL (they got a plenty of amazing accessories) and Prada, you could always count on Prada. And absolutely DSquared2, but I never bought one, let's hope for it. 

I really, really wish I could go shopping to Paris. or Milan. or New York. or LA. or  Maldives (yes! remember that place that also have a very beautiful beach?) I never been to one of that place I mentioned. But I'm 100% sure I'll become a shopping beast there. Especially Milan. Not only one of the biggest fashion city, but they have so many beautiful old buildings and places. First store I’m gonna visit if I could go there is Alexander McQueen, their unique and fierce designs are so ‘me’. Will worth every penny.

I REALLY need to go there, I really wanna shop. I know I can't get my dreams too high. I couldn't go anywhere far this year since I've been spent a lot of money for school and fashion needs.

But today, I bought Magnum (my favourite ice cream since I were kid) , and found a really nice National Promo from them. It’s the Magnum Promo to Win Unforgettable Experience my friends have told me.  They offer us a Luxury Shopping Holiday if we were lucky. The shop-keeper told me that I could win a holiday packages valued at $5,000 in Milan, Paris, LA, New York, and Maldives along with the transportation and accomodation for 4 days 3 nights while you're staying at the holiday destination (valid for 2 people). There are also greater opportunities that allow people to win rewards. Oh, and you could win Rp 20,000,000 shopping package in Jakarta for 100 winners! How cool is that??

And I immediately opened their website when I got home and found the video virals about the holiday prizes destination. I. Cant. Breathe. I’m drooling for it! They made a verrryy great video about the winner’s destinations. The fashion cities are beyond my imagination. Photographers everywhere, stylish people everywhere, and top branded stores are everywhere! Not only that, the places are also beautiful. No traffic jam at all, not too crowded, because people there are so well-managed. Shopping in a beautiful place is our dream, right?
Watch it yourself, you’ll be lying if you say you’re not drooled. The link is just right here :

A friend took a quick shot of me when I’m about to eat this tasty ice cream. Yes, that is my new YSL arty rings. Imagine if you could buy so many different colours of arty rings?

Are you as excited as I am? I know you are! You only need to find the special code in Magnum ice cream stick inside the package with special promotional sign.
I’ve just googling for their website to get more information, and here’s their website just if you want to know more: .

This promo ends on 18th March, which is just a few days to get a chance! Better hurry. I’ll also get myself another magnum very soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'The Help' Movie

the help
Got a little time to post this before going out for dinner .
 Last week I watched a very touching movie, a movie that made us think, titled 'The Help'. This movie tells us about black women taken care of white people's child and still, treated like an animal. With background setted in 1960s, I spotted their retro outfits.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Summer Flounce !

Did you guys recognize my new header and extra added pages? Do you like it? My photographer friend asked me to be his photography object, and I thought to use that chance to having some pictures for my blog's layout. So yes, it is deliberately taken for this blog. Not a usual outfit post.