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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Romance Feeling

"I see you standing over there, u look around without a care. i pretend u notice me, i look in your eyes and what u see. Is it made up in my mid? Am i just wasting time? i think this could be love, im serious."

I think love has crushed me again, this last week someone has been running on my mind all nite, but i dont even know his name. I met him on Sunday, 2nd October and i couldnt seem to guess WHO THE HELL HE IS, remembering how small my city is, i should have been known what community he belongs, or at least whose friend is he.
But those week i met him 5 times. It's just weird, since we never saw each other ever before.

So i post this photos of me, think it really represents my feeling now. Enjoy the Romance feeling.

Photo by : Ade Laurens


  1. great pics :D

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  2. i so love your photos and your blog as well :)
    keep it up, keep sharing :)


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