Summer Flounce

Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Day...

i did some web-surfing in only One Day... and i get  SO INSPIRED! I was thinking of something inspirational for my experimental outfits. And Im thinking that cap, slit skirt, over-sized cardigan, waiters shirt with black ribbon, and prints would be the next trend after glittery, sequins, and leather stuffs. Oh, and Mod style of course.

So this is some pictures from the result of my fashion web surfing today.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warm Up

It's a cloudy and windy afternoon here in my city. After a long SUMMER. finally.
Actually, i'd like to wear something different, eye-catching stuffs. But here in my city, everyone's so concern about the others. BUT, they're not so concern about fashion. It's only a few here who really understand fashion and do it. It really needs a lot of courage to wearing something bold.
Example : im wearing colour-block last summer, and all of my Guy Friends were like "hey look at that clown haha". GOSH DARN IT. But i promise i'll make some improvements with my outfits by not caring about what they said.

So here i am, wearing a simple sweater and jeans.

pic via : Who What Wear


Sunday, October 23, 2011

welcome home

My friend, Rafaela Deandra, was coming back home for holiday from Singapore yesterday. YEAY to that. She's a very close friend to mine. we've been close for almost 5 years now. PLUS, we've got the same possesion : fashion.

So we're going out on Saturday Night. And it's not usual. Full of laughter and happiness. Just like old time.

I was wearing my favourite outfit pieces : basic tops and denim shorts. They're never wrong!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ethnic Sweetheart

This is a post from last Saturday night, a very USUAL one. Actually, my friend, Jojo was kinda in love with a girl who used to be my classmate in high school. yeah i was pretty close with both of them. Since they were too shy to go for a date (for the first time) , i decided to agreed when jojo asked me to accompanying them.
welcome to wonderland, lovebirds.

ethnic skirt and belt from Zara, Mango bag, (X)SML necklace, a lovely chunky shoes from June and Julia

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Midnight Blue

So me and my friend have been single for YEARS, and it sucks. We've been talking about how long we're not going out for a candlelit dinner. Obviously, i had this idea. Why not taking our friends to go for it. And we dressed like we had a date.
Not bad. Some friends made it. yeah, WE'RE HAVING A CANDLELIT DINNER on friday night. finally. after years. yeah again.

had a manicure before. Midnight Blue. and yes, those YSL arty ring again.
IMG_9998 IMG_0013
Mango leather bag, F21 Bangle, Charles David Heels.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Starstrukk *

Just a quickie ! i shot this yesterday, i think i wanna show you guys my wardrobe new accesories. Cus sometimes when i went blog-surfin, i sometimes wonder what are their wardrobe looks like? what's in it? so here it is...

i'm being SUPER addicted to Glittery and Starry stuffs. yep, like Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2011 runway collection.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Romance Feeling

"I see you standing over there, u look around without a care. i pretend u notice me, i look in your eyes and what u see. Is it made up in my mid? Am i just wasting time? i think this could be love, im serious."

I think love has crushed me again, this last week someone has been running on my mind all nite, but i dont even know his name. I met him on Sunday, 2nd October and i couldnt seem to guess WHO THE HELL HE IS, remembering how small my city is, i should have been known what community he belongs, or at least whose friend is he.
But those week i met him 5 times. It's just weird, since we never saw each other ever before.

So i post this photos of me, think it really represents my feeling now. Enjoy the Romance feeling.

Photo by : Ade Laurens

Saturday, October 8, 2011


one of my friends had his Birthday during the vacation, and he was celebrating it in 2 places that bombed a few years ago. Menega Cafe and Paddy's Club.
(cropped top from topshop , fuschia belt from Zara)

and... i took a photo of my MUA. this is her. photographed and edited by Me.

last but not least, i took some photoshoots at Jimbaran Beach. And the Result is beyond awesome.
photos by Ho Photostyle, MUA : Juen Lan


i'll post some photos from my last vacation in Bali. Yeah, that place was a paradise on earth.

i took this pic from a cliff, a beach called Jimbaran.

a freakin sick ICE CREAM CAFE in town, flapjaks. U can eat a jumbo waffle + ice cream here. cant get enough.

this is some new things i've bought, and im bringing em to Bali.

SOOK! u really have to go shopping to this place guys. contains stuffs from local brand, high quality.

took this pic from Bedugul. SO COLD! summer sandals from zara