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Thursday, September 16, 2010

im back!!

Ola! Bonjour! Hello! im back here. =)
Sorry i've left blog for soooo long!! But here i am.
By the way, i've got good news. i've got my Lookbook account, somethin that i've been dreamin of for so long. lol.

And im not takin a long time to go shopping after i went lookbooking, was so inspiring.
wondering what hv i bought? im gonna take a pic and post u later. maybe during the weekend.

Now im gonna show u my Lookbook post. ADVICE R WELCOME!

Lovely Loafers!

Latest look on , HYPE this if u like it. i suddenly in love with BOLD patterns and colours.

and.. one of people favourite. but not mine. lol :D but the colours, yeap, thats so me!

err.. by the way im thinkin of make a giveaway competition to u. (Indonesia only) maybe next post.

if u will, visit my LB account

See ya soon!!


  1. aw nice blog!
    i really love love love your blog so much!
    and I'm waiting for your giveaway ya :)
    btw, how about make a blogger meet up in Surabaya? :)

  2. nice outfit! new follower here :)
    wish that you could follow mine too :)


  3. I love ur look<3 the printed legging and the stripes top are perfect combination !

    Journal J


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