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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Actually, this is my best day EVER! not ever, just one of my best day. We're doing nothing, just watch the World Cup match , South Korea vs Uruguay. Here in my country, we usually do watching World Cup together, scream and give applaus together. It's my first time. But i thought it's so damn funn!!!
Im going with my few fellows from the other school. And one of them, is really interesting. seriously. <3

this photo is taken in a cinema, i love the display here.

And this is few of my fellows, Fendy on the left, me, my BESSTT friend Tata, and Evan.

Look at the nugget i have on my mouth. love this photo as well.

...and thiss is the cafe where we watched the football match.

Tata looks so HOT here! HAHA.

okay, im gonna tell you what am i wearing.
On Me :
Basic white tankies
Brown boho vest with gold studs
Boater Hat
Zara Shorts
BCBG Military (again)
white bangles
And no branded pink sling bag.

Err i really wanna tell you what Tata's wore, cus i love it. She looks so edgy dont she? But i forgot to ask her. Maybe next time.

Love, Lene.

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