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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wales (Part 2)

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It was a wrong decision. But that what makes it memorable.

Wales (Part 1)

[Travel Diary]

I cant believe it's been 1,5 years after my UK short courses (and mainly trip!). I won't promise this will be the last post about UK, since it hasn't left my heart, not even a bit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wander Lost

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[Travel Diary]

Did 'running away' ever crossed your mind ? If the answer is yes, then you're a normal human being. And you better do it. 
I haven't moved on from my 5 months study (and mostly vacation) in UK, and I don't think that I ever will be. Since then, I always try to convince my friends to travel. But to travel is not just sleeping in a hotel, or do some shopping spree, or go to the most famous landmarks. To travel is to learn : get to know the people, wander off to places that noone has ever talked about it in trip advisor, sleep in a place you never thought of doing (e.g.: backpacker hostel). Always remember that every miserable things you've experienced during your trip, might turns out the most memorable thing in the whole trip. What is a holiday without great stories? 

I have been going to several places in Indonesia since I go back, haven't got the chance to post in online. Besides, I 'll never get enough of encouraging people to travel. 'Why didn't I write it and encourage more people?'. And so I do. 
Top - Topshop
Shirt (worn as outer) - Primark
Skirt - Omweekend

Thursday, May 28, 2015

2 AM



2 AM is for the poets who can't sleep because their minds are alive with words for someone who's not there, for the alcoholic drinking themselves into amnesia for someone who left.
2 AM is not for the lovers asleep in each other's arms.